from collective resources comes collective authorship and collective product. an international collaborative art project.

" nor there... a space of the imagination ... between one place and another"

The concept of being between borders in flight inspires the name " nor there..." ..a thematic and metaphoric focus for the international collaborations, exhibitions and events that the collective instigates or is invited to participate within.

Cultural diversity is of fundamental importance and projects are developed through the direct physical experience of participating in international residencies, events and exhibitions. HNT utilizes internet technology as a resource, and as an arena for project development / creative collaboration.



help and support:

Bill Adamson, Alex Hughes, Anthea Nicholson, Rowena & Quentin Seddon, Jon Wygens, Nelly Zedginidze.

project advisors :

Jacky Puzey (Watershed, Bristol, UK)
Colin Evans (Arts Consultant, Bristol)

project support:

The Cube (Bristol, UK)
Kibla (Maribor, Slovenia)
Shave International Residency Programme (UK)
Watershed (Bristol, UK)

sound engineering & production:

Lemon Lane Studio (St Pauls, Bristol, UK)

technical support / server space/ programming:

devoid (UK)

admin / design / archiving:

InSites (UK)

on-line facilities:

Vis. Lab (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia)

radio & webcast:

Radio Flora / Kulturserver and Hannover Kulturamt (Hannover, Germany)
Balance (EXPO 2000 Hannover, Germany)

project development:

Natalie Deseke (Germany)
Mac Dunlop (Canada, UK)
Neil Jenkins (UK)
Annie Lovejoy (UK)
Roger Mills (Australia, UK)
Koka Ramishvili (Republic of Georgia)
Medea Tsulaia (Republic of Georgia)


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tel : +44 (0)117 951 5029 / 944 5602