Talking Chewing Gum Machines and Pots - Speaking Walls
Media artist Natalie Deseke – Sound Art and more

It might be the fascination of frequencies that makes Natalie Deseke always move into soundwork - whether she does a radio show, or sings live on stage or creates everyday objects that become alive by leading conversations - pots, boots, bags or trees... Like revealing psychological studies of the human soul they talk to each other and to us.

As her most impressing latest work "All or Nothing" (Max-Planck-Institute Hanover 2002) shows Deseke's Chewing Gum machines uttering short aphorisms after throwing a coin - philosophical statements or plain „wisdom of ordinary people".

Formal or supposed polarities, two places get combined with "Daphne and Morpheus" (Balance 2000), Stereotypes, clichés, contradictions as characteristic elements emphazise the absurdity and imperfection of language like in "Mmh" - the conversation of couples reduced to consonant "m") represented by backing-forms.

Now during her staying in Bristol end of may in 2002 the Here Nor There studio -project work with Roger Mills let them create three outta-space-chill-out tracks, an experiment that inspired Deseke to sing in her motherlanguage- in German- an unsual combination of music style and words for english and as well for german ears.

Since 1987 as singer of "The Vision"- one of the most famous German Reggae Bands in the 90's - well-known beyond the border - she got involved in studio work, producing records, touring with Lee Scratch Perry, Sly and Robbie and Black Uhuru.

After a long-time period of singing english and making a complete break from 1997 until 2000 dancing theatre piece"…Two Boxes and Seven Chewing Gum Machines" made Deseke show her talent of singing again. Since then Deseke is the lead vocalist in a studio project with musicians from different Hanover scenes working on a style of lounge and queer pop get remixed by other producers and in 2001 started an acoustic Duett with musician Carsten Bethmann.

This first encounter of ...Here Nor There... initiators Annie Lovejoy and Mac Dunlop during artproject "Balance/Arttrail 2000" released a big creative potential reflected in the first HNT radio-program on the 21st of june live on Radio Flora Hannover. A variety of soundmaterial of the Balance-participants was brought together and got presented to local and internet radio listeners.
The bi-language program in december 2000 brought up a new quality and underlines Radio Flora's intention to connect artists and musicians of the twin cities-broadcasting into Watershed Gallery by internet stream.

In 1991 her "speaking wall" on the building of the government of lower-saxony lay the foundation-stone of Natalie Deseke's path as a sound artist- her diploma as an artist of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hanover.


Curriculum Vitae

31.12.1964 born in Lehrte/Germany

1985 - 91 Study of Fine Art at Fachhochschule Hannover, Class of Prof. Ulrich Baehr

Since 1987 Studioprojects (eg. Timo Maas '98), diverse releases with The Vision (1987-96),
live performances with Lee Scratch Perry

1997 Sponsoring of Atelier Zinsser by Ministry of Science and Culture and Culture
Department of Hanover

1998/99 Journalistic training
Music and Culture programs at Radio Flora's in Hanover

Sound Exhibitions and Projects /Selection

1991 Blattschuß - Art in public spaces in Hannover, Diploma

1995 Gift-Trucizna - Media-Art with Polish and Hannover Artists in Hanover,
Culture Center Faust-Factory Area (K)

1996 Gift II - Media- Art with Polish and Hannover Artists in Poznan/Poland,
Centrum Sztuki (K)

1998 Sounds of the Ruins - trinational Symposion with Artists from Portugal,
France, Germany-, concrete air-raid shelter at Nantes, France
Sesame - presentation of Atelier Zinsser - Kunsthalle Faust Hannover

1999 Zinnober - presentation of Edition KLM KleinLauschMittel©, AtelierZinsser Hannover
The Future of Work - Project in Hildesheim
Underground Mainstation - Hamburg
Künstlerfest new soundobjects of Edition KLM KleinLauschMittel©, Kunsthalle Faust

2000 Can we eat Art? Zitadelle Spandau/Berlin
Balance/Arttrail 2000 - Art in public spaces with 19 international Artists -
at Eilenriede Forest and City -plus Additional: HereNorthere Radio- Experimental Radio
Project with Annie Lovejoy, Mac Dunlop at Radio Flora's Hannover
Transcendance - Church exhibition with painter Kerstin Henschel in Lehrte
Hörgänge - Sound Project with German Sound Artists- public spaces in Völksen/Springe
Zinsser Zwei - presentation of Atelier Zinsser - Kunsthalle Faust

2001 Zukunst21/All or Nothing - City of Hannover, Marine-Regatta Harbour
Singing with the Volcano- Fire- Symposion by Kain Karawahn, Stromboli/Italy
…Two Boxes and 7 Chewing gum machines - Sound and Singing for
dancing theatre Hannover, Hamburg, Leipzig (2002)
Wiener G'schichten - Stelzen-Festspiele bei Reuth, Thüringen- Eastern Germany
BergZünfonie - Fire-Event for the region of Hanover, Singing on the Mountain
Sound Colours- Colour Space- Space Sounds KUBUS Municipal Galery Hannover
Gender…/Mediadays - Art in public space, Nienburg

2002 All or Nothing - exhibition at Max-Planck-Institute Hanover, 13 speaking chewing gum machines
Here Nor There studio production at Bristol, GB, and live at Kibla's Maribor, Slovenia
Big Artexhibtion Kunsthalle Villa Kobe Halle/Saale (K)
Lebenswelten project with elder people and chweing gum machines, Lehrte, Hannover (P)
Dregrees of Frost exhibtion of Atelier Zinsser, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover

Natalie Deseke
c/o Atelier Zinsser/Faust,
Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3,
D- 30451 Hannover,