Mac Dunlop

poet, video and performance artist
born 28/12/56. UK/Canadian citizen
M.A. Fine Art (U.of Northumbria, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1992).

Present Projects:

Sign Hear

Promoting Sign Language on the internet, and researching the common ground between the visual language of Sign and the visual language of the cinema. Current porojects include archiving BSL poems and stories on video, which can then be produced/distributed in digital formats (CD ROM/DVD, online) and the development of a BSL web browser, using animated sign language as browswer icons. funded by Bristol2008, Learning and Skills Council, and South West Arts.

Here Nor There

" nor there... a space of the imagination ... between one place and another"
"from collective resources comes collective authorship and collective product. an international
collaborative art project."

Recent Projects:

Poetry: A Ship of Letters Upon the Conscious Sea.
A poem divided into 26 sections, representing each letter of the alphabet,
with subsections refering to fluidity of conscious thought for each.
(draft version) available at:

Swimmers at the Berlin Film Festival.
"Swimmers" is the world's largest film projecting sculpture. This film documents its construction and function following the flow of a poem by Mac Dunlop. short film 16 mm, 10 min. Germany 2001. Director: Thomas Bartels. Original language: English. Screening: 11.02.2002, 12.15 Uhr, CinemaxX, Studio 11

Station, January 2002, Bristol City Docks, group exhibition curated by Fran Bossom.

Innocent Life
L ive and video performance work relevant to September 11th and its aftermath. part of Resistance a performance and exhibition event, curated by Stroud Artspace, December 2001.