TEKS Electronic Arts Conference
november 2003

where r u ?
Here nor There in Dialogue. An audio visual experience ..between one place and another.. aboard the Tower Belle on Sunday, July 13th 2003.

July 2003

life during wartime
reflections on war and terrorism, past, present and future.

april 2003

...here nor there... at kibla
Performance/Webcast DJ/VJ event and small screen exhibition featuring the smallest film festival in the world at Kibla Multimedia Center, Maribor, Slovenia.

september 2002

A shortcall for submissions to the smallest film festival in the world at Kibla Multimedia Center, Maribor, Slovenia.

september 2002

site related works which draw on the histories, and present day experiences of two locations in Swansea. Annie Lovejoy 2002

september 2002

Millenium Square : Wearables
Via a GPS system & wearable technology users will be able to experience an audioscape as they move around Millenium Square in central Bristol. An immersive experience triggered by physical location.

poetic refelctions on the passage of time during travels in the Aegean Sea.

KIBLA : research
Working visit to KIBLA (KiberSRCeLab, Maribor, Slovenia) for technical, artistic and administrative research to further development of the ...here nor there... project.

from Venezia to Maribor: poetic impressions

A new piece of work created for Watershed/Guardian Unlimited electronic advent calendar. An online map of live webcams and radiostations. Timepiece Poems: A series of poems written in the hour of 8 o'clock, from the 1st to the 24th of December. Inspired by Timepiece and the 24 hour longitudes that comprise the world time zones. part of Electric December 2001

A variation on the orbital poetry engine.
jam echelon day links

The numbers and the names
A brief memorial to the loss of life, a counterbalance to fear aroused by acts of violence and confrontation against the innocent.

Orbital : a postcard to space travel
A weaving together of languages (poetic and programming) based on an original poem Orbital by Mac Dunlop. Orbital engine programmed by Neil Jenkins.

Tomorrow's World Live Event : The Inventor Centre
HP Invent show Annie Lovejoy's 'Pillow' at the BBC Tommorrows World Live Event at Earls Court, London.

Six Small Screens
Exhibition at Watershed, Bristol, featuring new work; 'Pillow' by Annie Lovejoy and 'The Quiet' by Mac Dunlop

Electric December 2000
Live Audio/Visual Event from 18:00 GMT at Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, UK. Live Radio/Webcast from 19:00 GMT, Radio Flora, Hannover, Germany. [ Bristol, UK / Tbilisi, Georgia / Hannover, Germany / Athens, Greece / Sydney, Australia ]

Medi@terra 2000
...here nor there... @ Fournos Medi@terra 2000 International Art and Technology Festival & Symposium NEO [TECHNO] LOGISMs 3 - 7 November 2000 Athens, Greece http://www.fournos-culture.gr/

Screening at The Cube
A showcase of recent video, audio, music and internet work from the ..here nor there.. collective, including new video piece '12 days' by visiting artist Koka Ramishvili.The Cube Cinema Kings Square, Bristol.

12 days
12 days by Koka Ramishvili Video produced during Koka's residency in Bristol (UK) September / October 2000. From footage shot in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia) December 1999 / January 2000. Video editing Koka Ramishvili / Neil Jenkins. Soundtrack by Roger Mills. With thanks to Rowena Seddon / Shave for their support. Music commisioned by PVA, Bridport (UK) for SWIPE 2000 multimedia festival

Underwood Audio CD
Publication & distribution (sponsored by Island Records): Mingrelian Lullaby (Roger Mills & Medea Tsulaia) Launch and live event / screening - London ( september 2002)

Radio webcast from Radio Flora
..here nor there... radio collaboration in Hannover with sound artist Natalie Deseke. Soundworks from and to Hannovers twin cities Radio Flora (Balance EXPO 2000)

Microview at the Cube
Mingrelian Lullaby - 2 short videos by ...here nor there... and 3 short films by award winning film-maker from Hannover, Kirsten Winters

NSEAD conference. Watershed.
workshop. Neil Jenkins & Annie Lovejoy. Presenting the '...here nor there..' project as an example of utilising on-line comms / digital technology as an international meeting point and medium for the development of a collaborative arts project.

Screenspace Watershed
Video: 'Mingrelian Lullaby (dub)' edited by Mac Dunlop.

Ecumene - Cultural Geographies in Practice
Academic journal publication : Illustrated article edited by Prof. Catherine Nash. Holloway University.

Mingrelian Lullaby
Medea Tsulaia, singer from Tbilisi and Roger Mills, musician and composer, Bristol. engineered and produced by Roger Mills at Lemon Lane Studio. St Pauls. Audio ROM production of Mingrelian Lullaby : Two music tracks engineered and produced by Roger Mills and video edited by Neil Jenkins.

Electric December participatory event
Here nor there lauch their work for Electric December at Watershed Projected video & live web chat with Tbilisi, Geneva and New York. Live music mixed by Roger Mills.

Electric December online advent calendar
here nor there contribution to Watershed's electronic advent calendar created by Annie Lovejoy.

Working visit to Geneva
Project development with Georgian artists. Mac Dunlop, Neil jenkins, Annie Lovejoy, Koka Ramishvili, Giorgi Sumbadse.

Virtual Geographies
Workshop with UWE Fine arts in Context students

Watershed participatory on-line event

Seed residency
Bristol artists Mac Dunlop & Annie Lovejoy will be in residence at Watershed for 6 weeks to research and develop a structure for a future project in collaboration with Tbilisi artists Koka Ramishvili and Giorgi Sumbadse.