Inspired by the linguistic slip 'electrocity' the adaptor and transmitter icons serve as a visual reminder of the electricity situation in Tbilisi and the reality of 'global networking' Currently, the digital chatline 'adaptor' and the media exchange facility 'transmitter' developed for the project by Neil Jenkins (devoid), are the containers for collaborative creative enquiry and development of material.

In the West we tend to associate digital communications with efficient global networking. The Republic of Georgia gained independence in 1992 and infrastructures such as electricity supply (previously supported by the Soviet system) are still not reliably functional. Communication is frequently interrupted by erratic power cuts.

ADAPTER is a chat room, set up to facilitate continuing dialogue between artists across continents working on the collaborative project nor there.. Administered by the artists, Adaptor also becomes a tool to assist in the documentation of the project, recording the chat dialogue and also acting as a message board in between the programmed chat sessions.

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